Section for Sociology of Religion

Chair: Török PéterPhD
e-mail: torokp(at)
tel: (+36) 20/6632388
work place: Institute of Mental Health, Semmelweis University

Section Secretary: Pusztai Gabriella, PhD
e-mail: gabriella.pusztai(at)
tel: (+36) 30/3522660
work place: Institute of Educational Research, University of Debrecen


The purpose of  the Section for Sociology of Religion is the provision of a common representative body and possibilities for research and scientific discussion for those different scientific institutions – such as the Department for Religious Studies of Szeged, the Doctoral Program of Educational Research at the University of Debrecen, the Association of Young Sociologists of Religion and Valuresearchers (FIVÉSZ), the Workshop of Free-Chruch Researchers, etc.

Péter Török received his dobule major (philosophy – and sociology) BA (1990), sociology MA (1991) and PhD (2000) at the University of Toronto. His major interests are the sociology of new religious movements, church-state relationships, community research and their relationships with mental health.  Currently he is the director of Institute of Mental Health, Semmelweis University.

Gabriella Pusztai received university degree in History, Literature and Hungarian Language at the University of Lajos Kossuth (1989), graduated in Sociology at the University of Debrecen (2003). She obtained a PhD degree in Educational Research (2002). Her primary research interests focus on the functions of the churches in education, the effects of religious networks on the academic career and social wellbeing of students, cultural and social capital in education.