Section for Social Statistics


Chair: István Harcsa 
e-mail: istvan.harcsa(at)
work place: Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Section Secretary: Zoltán Kmetty
e-mail: zkmetty(at)
work place: I-stat Consulting


The main goal of the Socialstatistics Section is to establish a spiritual workshop for the social researchers dealing with empiric macrosociology:
  • The section guarantees adequate frame for organizing workshops for socialstatistics surveys
  • The section – because the wide range of theme of the socialstatistics surveys – plays an integrativ role in activisation of the professional connections, and play a bridge role between the professionals who have alternative approach
  • The section undertakes an initiative role in the membership of the Hungarian Statistical Service, to help organize the workshops for the wide range of surveys
  • The section aids those civil Professional Initiatives which help the avaliability, accesibility and utilization of the socialstatistics surveys
  • The section has nz important role in connecting the theoretical-methodology and the practical approaches
  • The section tries to connect the micro and macro sociology surveys by organizing workshops
The President got his economical degree in 1971 in Marx Károly University. He has been working for Central Statistics Office (CSO) since 1972, in different status. His work and research are attached to some big part of socialstatistics. In CSO he has had a part and has led some research concerning the social mobility and stratification, prestige, living conditions, lifestyle, and some youth surveys. He has had a lot of publications in these themes. He has also dealt with social (dynamic) indicators, and the status of the village and agrarian society.
The Secretary General got his Sociology degree in 2006 in Pázmány Péter Catholic University. He has been a scholar student in ELTE Phd School since 2008. His main research fields are methodology questions (data-fusion, inputations, weighting), and network releated problems.