Section for Sociology of Housing and Urban Affairs


Chair: Adrienne Csizmady, PhD
  e-mail: csizmady(at)
  work place: Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Eötvös Loránd University

Sectiin Secretary: Kocsis János Balázs, PhD
  e-mail: kocsisjb(at)
  work place: Budapest University of Technology and Economics


The Section aims at providing forum to professionals who are interested in social features of settlements. We are making efforts to present both theoretical and practical aspects of related phenomena through publicity and discourses involving well-recognised theoretical and practical experts.
Adrienne Csizmady Ph.D. (born 1968) is an associate professor of Sociology at the Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest and research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology. The main fields of her interests are: urban social problems, real estates market, housing and large housing estates, gated community. She has participated in several international comparative researches. Poverty, Ethnicity and Gender in Transitional Societies (at Yale University). Organized Civil Society and European Governance. (CIVGOV) - EU 5 project. Managing Social Risk through Transitional Labour Markets (TLMNET) - Network of Excellences. Towards a European Civil Society” (CISONET) - EU 5 project.
János B. Kocsis has been teaching subjects related to social aspects of settlements at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has participated in numerous, urban-related researches. His main interests are history of urbanisation and urban development in the twentieth century, transformation of spatial structures of cities in the last twenty years and urbanisation processes in the agglomeration and suburbs.