Section for Quantitative Social Dynamic


Chair: Nikosz Fokasz, DSc
  tel: (+36) 1 3722500/6824
  workplace: Eötvös Loránd University

Section Secretary: Károly Bozsonyi, PhD
  workplace: Tv Research bt.


The Section for Quantitative Social Dynamic aims at advancing the interdisciplinary approach in the study of the social change. It includes people who are interested in this approach; such as college at university faculty, researchers, as well as students. Our main activities include the discussion of research results regarding generally the theory of social change, particularly rising and diffusion of social innovations, media dynamics, social simulations, and dynamics of social networks. Our activities include the organization of thematic scientific conferences, and calls for papers to be presented at annual conferences.
Nikos Fokas is university professor, head of department and doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His research specializations are Diffusion of Innovations, Social Networks, Nonlinear Dynamics in Social Sciences, Chaos and Fractals in Sociology, Political Clientelism in Greece. He published several books and articles in the field of social dynamics. In his career he has been mainly affiliated with the Eötvös Loránd University, and the University of Athens. He is Director of the Research Institute of Greeks in Hungary.
Károly Bozsonyi Associate Professor, PhD in Sociology. His works combine the approaches of sociology and methods of statistical physics. He has been teaching at ELTE University, at Péter Pázmány Catholic University and at Budapest College of Communication. His recent research activities have been focused on suicide events in Hungary.With his cooperatives recently he has been studied the seasonal fluctuation of suicide events in Hungary in a 31-year period.