Section for Infromation Society


Chair: Gergő Prazsák, PhD
e-mail: prazsak(at)
workplace: Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Section Secretary: Ildikó Dén-Nagy, PhD student
e-mail: nagy(at)
tel: (+36) 30 5908151
workplace: FORTE Communications Ltd.


The emergence of the new electronic communication technologies transformed the society in its entirety worldwide. New forces of social construction and social destruction resulted as a consequence of the development of the wired and wireless broadband internet. The social reality formed by the everyday world has become e-reality with strong impact on all levels of social life including the individuals, the groups, the organizations and the society as a whole. Online communities recreate former community formations. The incessant change has a strong impact on the individuals, on the subsystems of the society and on the actions in the subsystems. Business, labour, healthcare, education, and entertainment are transformed as a result of the technological change. Erlebnisgesellschaft is one of the manifestations. Offline organizations migrate into online dimensions and new virtual organizations emerge. The mass use of the means of new electronic communication influences the public sphere as well resulting e-democracy and e-government applications. The web 2.0 is the home of the active netizen, consuming and producing simultaneously content (prosumer). The goal of the Information society section is to monitor and help to understand from a sociological point of view the socio-economic impact of the new info-communication technology.
Gergo Prazsák  sociologist. Graduated in 2002 from the ELTE University Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences (Communication and Research Specialization). He has a PhD degree in 2009 from the University of Pecs. He has taught different courses at ELTE and other Hungarian universities focusing on the sociology of deviance, social psychology and information society. At present he is the secretary of the Interdisciplinary Social Studies Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences at ELTE and research fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences of ELTE. His fields of research are the study of social networks, information society, and intercultural communication.
Ildikó Dén-Nagy economist. Graduated in 2004 from Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (BUESPA). She holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and minor in Marketing communications. She was a demonstrator at BUESPA Futures Study Centre from 2002 till 2003. She works as a Public Relations consultant for more than six years. Currently she is a first-year PhD student at Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Sociology and Social Policy. She is owner and general manager at FORTE Communications Ltd. Her research fields are the followings: social networks, information sociology and communication.