Village and Rural Sociology Section


László Mikecz

Secretary General:

Lajos Veronika, PhD


In the last couple of decades not only the structure of rural societies, rural life strategies, the function and meanings of the countryside have undergone a transformation all over Europe, but the ways of academic thinking about local societies have also changed significantly. The Rural Sociology Section of the Hungarian Sociological Association has held its reorganizing session in Budapest, 11 March, 2014 with the aim of initiating a dialogue between the scholars investigating the topic through classical approaches and the ones accessing it by contemporary, post-structural approaches. The reorganized Section also intends to provide opportunity for national and international professionals in rural sociology to introduce their new scholarly results.

The Section supports interdisciplinary approaches and wishes to create a scholarly forum for discussing the concepts, methods and theories of different disciplines dealing with rural localities. In the context of globalization, the section members consider it essential to recognize that the immanent interferences between the macro and the micro levels (glocality) currently determine the everyday life of rural societies. We think it is also necessary to use contemporary social science theories – among other things the ones appeared due to the spatial and critical turn – in conducting research on the sociocultural practice of rural societies. Our forum treats the problem of applicability and practical value of social scientific knowledge as a significant issue of contemporary life.

The Rural Sociology Section organizes annual conferences, where members and invited distinguished lecturers present their papers discussing different questions of the field. Regularly organized visits to rural settlements and various museums in Hungary serve the purpose of learning about