The Hungarian Academy of Sciences started in 1972 the first professional journal of sociology in Hungary, Szociológia. This was replaced by the journal of the Hungarian Sociological Association, Szociológiai Szemle in 1991. The International Congress of 1994 in Bielefeld offered the editors a good opportunity to present Hungarian sociology by publishing a special English language issue. This contained articles and research reports from the past two years, which discussed the issues that emerged or became reformulated in the process of system-change: privatisation in the economy and in public rental housing, the consequences of economic decline and growing unemployment, the history and position of the middle class, local politics, the alternatives for a reform of the health service, the situation of women, ethnic minorities and refugees in Hungary. It has been published regularly since then, twice a year since 2001, and with one expanded regular issue since 2011. In contrast to the earlier practice, Review of Sociology now publishes original papers which have not appeared earlier in the Szociológiai Szemle (the Hungarian journal of the Hungarian Sociological Association).
Review of Sociology of the HSA is a peer-reviewed journal, which is open toward both Hungarian and foreign authors. In 2008 the Review got the quality prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Akadémiai Publisher House.
Review of Sociology is abstracted/indexed in: International Bibliographies IBZ and IBR, Sociological Abstracts, Google Scholar and Harzing’s Publish or Perish.
Review of Sociology is published in yearly volume of one issue.