Section for Holistic Ecology


Chair: László Antal Z, C.Sc.
  e-mail: posta(at)
  phone: (+36) 1  2246700/422 extention
  work place: Institute of Sociology, HAS

Section Secretary: Dániel Leidinger
  e-mail: eghajlat(at)
  tel: (+36) 1  2246700/422 extention
  work place: Institute of Sociology, HAS


Issues pertaining to relations between man and Nature, between society and Nature are discussed in the Section. We also investigate what social, economic and political conditions would promote or hinder societies to respond more flexibly than they do today to the changes of Nature, and primarily of the climate. This is done in an approach where the difference in the finite and infinite view of time is also markedly manifest. Primarily social scientists are invited to the events of the Section, but due to the nature of the topic the Section is also open to discuss issues raised by other disciplines.
László Antal Z. completed his studies at the University of Economics, Budapest in 1979. After graduation he was employed at the Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Economy of Sciences where he has been working ever since. For years he had been doing research in the field of the sociology of health, part of which was also related to the protection of the environment. In 1988 he carried on his first sociological surveys related to the environment at Százhalombatta focusing on the relations between the health status of people living there and environmental hazards. In 1989 he founded the social science periodical entitled “Replika” together with Miklós Hadas. He defended his candidate’s thesis the “Social Embedding of Healing” in 1994. From 2003 on he wrote papers on the presentation of the sociological interrelationships of climate change and participated in several other programmes of the research project called VAHAVA upon the invitation of István Láng. In 2005 the Research Unit of Climate Change was founded in the Institute and he has become its leader. In 2006 they launched the programme “Safe Sunbathing” and next “Solar Radiation” in cooperation with the Hungarian Red Cross the aim of which is to prevent illnesses developing as a consequence of strong solar radiation and to study the conditions of social flexibility. In 2007 he initiated the programme of Climate-friendly municipalities aiming at encouraging the towns and villages to prepare themselves for locally struggling against climate change. This research offers an opportunity to get better acquainted with conditions that hinder or promote social conditions of social flexibility.
The Secretary of the Section is Dániel Leidinger, geographer. He graduated in Natural Science from ELTE University in 2003. Subsequently he has been participating in several researches on issues of sustainability. In these activities practice has had a significant role besides theory. Currently he is associate of the Research Workshop on Climate Change of the Institute of Sociology, HAS and as such deals with initiatives of sustainability and the protection of the climate on village level. In addition he is also PhD student of the Doctoral School for Environmental Science of the Faculty of Sciences of ELTE University. His main field of research is relationship between man and Nature, the impossibility of sustaining urban existence.