Section for the Great Hungarian Plain


President: Ildikó Szabó, DSc
  e-mail: szabo.ildiko(at)
  workplace: Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Debrecen
  cell phone: (+36) 30 6266894

Secretary General: István Murányi, PhD
  e-mail: muranyi(at)
  workplace: Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Debrecen
  cell phone: (+36) 30 4450043


The Section of the Great Hungarian Plain builds on the work of Social Science institutions in the region. Most of these are at the University of Debrecen and at the Nyíregyháza College (the University of Debrecen has BA and MA trainings in Sociology and Social Policy as well as BA training in Political Science. The PhD School for Human Studies has an Education Sociology subprogram). One of the Section's goals is to be a professional forum for teachers, researchers, PhD students and university students of Sociology as well as encouraging professional communication between them by organizing various events. Another of the Section's goals is giving the possibility to show the results of research in the field of Regionality. A third goal is providing space for interdisciplinary social science thoughts and encouraging dialogue between actors of various disciplines.
Prof. Dr. Ildikó Szabó DSc, habil. is a professor at the University of Debrecen, Department of Sociology and Social Policy. Her research interests cover political socialization, social behaviour and civic culture of youth, sociology of education. Her most recent book is: Nemzet és szocializáció. A politika szerepe az identitások formálódásában Magyarországon 1867–2006 [Nation and socialization. The role of politics in the formation of identities in Hungary 1867–2006]. (Budapest, L’Harmattan, 2009).
István Murányi (PhD in Sociology, ELTE) is a full-time assistant professor and deputy-head of the Institute of Political Science and Sociology at Debrecen University. His research interests cover sociology of youth, political socialization, national identity, prejudice thinking. István Murányi is the author of 6 books and 97 articles (17 in English). He has participated in several projects. Murányi was a member of the Hungarian team in the PARADYS (FP5, 2001-2005) and he participating in: „The family political socialization” (OTKA, K-78579, 2008-2011). He participated in the ESA 2nd Midterm Conference of RN30 in 2009, 38th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology in 2008 and the ERASMUS Exchange Program (2007, Kuopio University, Finnland).