Section for Feminism


Chair: Andrea Pető, Ph.D.
  e-mail: petoand(at)
  tel: +36 1 327 3034
  work place: Central European University, Budapest

Section Secretary: Beran Eszter, Ph.D student
  e-mail: eszter_beran(at)
  work place: Eötvös Loránd University
The aim of the section is to support interdisciplinary, critical and comparative sociological research and teaching in the field of gender studies.
Prof. Dr habil. Andrea Pető was born in 1964 in Budapest, Hungary. She is an associate professor at University of Miskolc, where she directs the Equal Opportunity and Gender Studies Center and an associate professor at the Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University where she is teaching courses on social and cultural history of Europe. Her books include: Women in Hungarian Politics 1945-1951 (Columbia University Press/East European Monographs New York, 2003), Geschlecht, Politik und Stalinismus in Ungarn. Eine Biographie von Júlia Rajk. Studien zur Geschichte Ungarns, Bd. 12. (Gabriele Schäfer Verlag, 2007). Presently she is working on gendered memory of WWII and political extremisms.