Equal Opportunities International (EOI) 2009 conference

International conference
Date:15-17 July, 2009
Deadline for abstract: 15 May, 2009
In recognition of the global crises which have left their marks on 2008 with enduring impacts today, the EOI 2009 Conference will focus on 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Times of Global Crisis'. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary and international platform for exploration of equality,
diversity and inclusion in context. There will be academic and doctoral sessions as well as sessions for officers in equality, diversity and inclusion.
Conference web site is at: www.eoi-conference.org

Title of the Stream : Understanding the dynamics of careers and identities through multiple strands of equality

Stream chairs: Dr Dorota Bourne, Queen Mary, University of London, d.bourne@qmul.ac.uk, Dr Gozde Inal, Cyprus International University, ginal@ciu.edu.tr, Dr Mine Karataş-Özkan, University of Southampton, mko@soton.ac.uk

Stream outline (rationale and key themes)

Inequalities based on gender, age, ethnicity, disability or sexuality isstill persistent in organizational practices while a dominant perception and heightened awareness of equality exist at the same time. This stream willaddress career experiences and related identity development of individuals
inorganizations by taking into account multiple strands of equality anddiversityincluding gender, age, disability, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion. Weareparticularly interested in the intersectionality of factors which mightaffect thenature of career experiences, opportunities and constraints that faceindividuals. Gendered practices of career making and power-based gendering processes underpinning the career and identity development are relevantthemes of the stream. Triggers for and impediments to developing a careertrajectory by ethnic minority men and women, young people, disabledpeople,and gay men and lesbian women will be explored in this proposed stream.
Organisational commitment to equality and diversity, policy initiatives and interventions, dealing with stereotypical perceptions of themselves, andchoosing alternative career options such as self-employment andentrepreneurial careers pertain to this stream as key areas to explore in
tackling inequalities. Multi-level examination of the subject (i.e.nationaleffects, discourse effects, sectoral effects, organizational effects, andindividual effects, Ozbilgin and Tatli, 2008) and different theoreticalandmethodological approaches are welcome in this stream.

Stream questions:
1. What are the key issues that pertain to career and identity developmentexperiences of ethnic minority men and women, young people, disabledpeople,and gay men and lesbian women?

2. What are the main triggers for, and impediments to, career and identitymaking of these individuals? How does an intersectionality of factorsincludinggender, age, disability, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion impact ontheir careerdevelopment and identity formation?

3. How do the policy interventions and diversity management discourses andpractices affect the career and identity experiences of these people? Arethere any contextual differences (i.e. national, regional, sectoral,organisational)?
4. Do alternative routes of career and identity making such as self-employment and entrepreneurial careers present viable opportunities forcareerprogress? Are there different challenges involved?

Stream keywords: career, identity, multiple strand, equality, diversity

We welcome three forms of paper submissions to regular streams:
Extended abstract: Customarily an extended abstract should beapproximately 300 words including references. This is suitable forresearch inits early stages of development.
Developmental papers: These should be approximately 3000-5000words, including references.
Full papers: These are longer contributions less than 40 sides of A4including references.Please see EOI manuscript guidelines.

The manuscript submission site will open in the first week of February,and will close on 15 May, 2009. Final session lists for each stream are due on 15June2009. All submissions to the EOI conference should be original pieceswhichwere not published elsewhere in any other form. Please use theabstract/paper submission form for submitting your abstract/manuscript.
Stream chairs may organise the sessions in different ways. However, ingeneral, paper presentations at the conference will be a maximum of 20minutes long, with 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Dataprojectorswill be available in each conference room.

Important Dates
Abstract or full paper submission: 15 May 2009
Please see the link 'Call for Papers' on the left for details of abstract/papersubmission. You need to register before you can submit a paper. Allsubmissions should be made via the abstract/paper submission form on theleft.
This deadline also applies to the doctoral stream.
Response to authors: 15 June 2009
Some stream chairs may offer early decisions on papers. Please contact the relevant track chairs for review and acceptance/rejection criteria anddecisions.
Full conference schedule will be available 1 July 2009
Please note that some streams may impose other deadlines.
Please readstream information for separate submission information.
Mine Karatas-Ozkan