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Progression - Regression 

Annual Conference of the Hungarian Sociological Association (Magyar Szociológiai Társaság)
November 9-10, 2012
Central European University, H-1051 Budapest, Hungary, Nádor utca 9.

Topic of Interest
In this year, the conference explores the historical, social, cultural, social-psychological and economical roots of sustainable social development and also of the resistance to progress. The two decades since the demise of socialism have shown that transition to capitalism per se does not result in social and economic development; indeed, the consequence of the transition can even be regression. The conference aims to investigate the explanation models emerging in the Central and Eastern European region and particularly in Hungary on sustainable development and on the cases of the resistance to progress. Doing so, the conference takes into account the global context of the wider inter-national scene, including the expansion of integrational processes and recent years’ crisis phenomena.

Csepeli, György president
Budapest, March 2012