2018/ 4. szám

Judit Durst - Zsanna Nyírő:
Constrained choices, enhanced aspirations: Transnational mobility, poverty and development. A case study from North Hungary
(pdf 1866 kb)
Stefánia Toma – László Fosztó:
Returnees and their neighbors: Migration of the Romanian Roma, networks, social distance, and local development
(pdf 1760 kb)
Attila Melegh – Dóra Gábriel – Gabriella Gresits – Dalma Hámos:
Abandoned Hungarian workers and the political economy of care work in Austria
(pdf 1605 kb)
Krisztina Németh – Monika Mária Váradi:
Development in the context of care migration from rural Hungary: An agency-based approach
(pdf 1594 kb)
Alexandra Szőke:
Spending like a state: (In)formal credit, the local government and the rescaling of insecurities
(pdf 1600 kb)
János Zolnay:
Commuting to segregation The role of pupil commuting in a Hungarian city: between school segregation and inequality
(pdf 1564 kb)
Zoltán Kmetty:
Incumbent party support and perceptions of corruption – an experimental study
(pdf 1821 kb)
Katalin Tardos – Veronika Paksi:
Diversity management and gender equality outcomes in research, development and innovation organisations: Lessons for practitioners
(pdf 2058 kb)